iOS 14 Facial Recognition on Doorbell

The Robin ProLine Video Doorbell and also the Compact Video Doorbell series are the first doorbells that carry the newest iOS 14 feature of facial recognition. 

Apple is expanding HomeKit Camera features in iOS 14 with a new face classification feature that will include a people identification feature. HomeKit Secure Video is upgraded to not only detect people in general, but also offer notifications around detecting specific people in your family.


• 130-degree Wide Angle Field of View

• Hardened optical glass dome with

• High Definition (720p) video

• Dynamic Video Streaming – video bitrate is continuously adjusted to ensure optimal performance given the available bandwidth (over WiFi or 3G / 4G).

• Two-way Audio – listen and speak using the built-in microphone and speaker

• Noise and echo cancellation - Chrystal clear audio as a result of advanced audio processing.

• Built-in dry relay to connect the ProLine to your existing chime.

• Full anodized aluminium design

• Front panel with nano-coating for improved UV protection

• HomeKit Secure Video

• iOS 14, with facial recognition

• Warranty: 48 months (carry-in, DDP)

As Robin is the first Doorbell manufacturer that implemented the newest feature we are celebrating this with a special discount of 20% of all Robin Doorbells. Please use the code: Robin_iOS14 when you process your order. Order now.